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Biodiesel Control Center
Biodiesel Control Center is software made by the biodiesel industry, for the biodiesel industry. We've put together a system that makes it simple to manage the logistics of a grease-to-biodiesel company.



If you're starting from scratch, this is a small cost to just set up a new account (we hope to automate this in the future).

We also offer the option of importing whatever data you have so long as you can put it in a spreadsheet. This fee is $35/hour.


Restaurants Setup Monthly  
up to 100 $100 $50 order / more info
up to 1000 $200 $150 order / more info
up to 10,000 $300 $200 order / more info
10,000 + $450 $250 order / more info

Because we developed the technology using web software, we're able to offer it to the world at a low monthly price! We're currently working on developing new features, and plan to eventually encompass all aspects of biodiesel production including batch tracking, RIN management, and more...