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Biodiesel Control Center
Biodiesel Control Center is software made by the biodiesel industry, for the biodiesel industry. We've put together a system that makes it simple to manage the logistics of a grease-to-biodiesel company.

About Us

Jason Burrough's owns and operates DieselGreen Fuels in Austin, TX: a grease-to-biodiesel collection service. He has developed the software in-house to tackle the logistics of:

  • Managing Current Customers
  • Acquiring New Leads
  • Making Routes
  • Entering Collection Data
  • Generating Meaningful Reports

Because we developed the technology using web software, we're able to offer it to the world at a low monthly price! We're currently working on developing new features, and plan to eventually encompass all aspects of biodiesel production including batch tracking, RIN management, and more...